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Ropes on the Pride of Baltimore

Willimoteswick Castle, Northumberland, August morning

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please see For Sale > Paintings > Gallery 6

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Works available for purchase

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In this section of the website you can view the works that Edward Dowden has for sale. Purchasing information is given below. If you have any enquiries please email or call the number below. Email communication is preferred to telephone, if possible, unless the enquiry is urgent.

The Artist's Catalogue Numbers

The artist keeps a catalogue of all his work, and as each new work is started it is assigned a catalogue number. The catalogue numbers therefore reflect the chronology of the inception of the paintings. The numbers do not, however, reflect the sequence of the dates of completion of the works, because the
artist typically has several pictures in progress at any one time, and some are finished more quickly
than others. In a few extreme cases several years have elapsed between start and completion.

The image size

The image size shown for each picture gives the height and width dimensions of the visible area of
the picture within the mount or frame, given in centimetres, height first. The dimensions of the paper, panel or canvas are, of course, slightly bigger, and the external dimensions of the frame are
significantly bigger.

The galleries of pictures

The galleries can be accessed by clicking on one of the categories listed top left of the page. For each picture in these galleries the illustration on the left is the whole picture and the others are details from the picture. All illustrations can be enlarged by clicking on them once. All the enlarged illustrations have
the artist's logo watermarked in the middle to prevent unauthorised reproduction.


Great care has been taken to ensure that the colours shown on the screen are as close as possible to the original painting. Please note, however, that the colours you see may vary slightly depending on the computer screen you are using. If you would like to see a piece of work in person before deciding to purchase please contact the artist to arrange a visit to view the original picture.


Original paintings and drawings are usually sold framed, and the frame is included in the price.
The frames go with the pictures and are not negotiable. If a buyer dislikes a frame it will be for them to organise its replacement at their own expense. The artist does not offer a framing service. It should be noted that many frames, particularly on larger watercolours, are what the artist refers to as "exhibition frames", which are relatively inexpensive very plain frames, often constructed of hardwood such as oak, ash or beech. This is partly because several competitions insist upon such frames, and partly because frames are very susceptible to damage in handling when sent in to competitions, and there is therefore no point in putting the pictures in, for instance, expensive water-gilt frames which then get damaged
and have to be re-gilded, also expensively.

Prints are usually sold unframed, and it is for the buyer to arrange framing at their own expense. Some prints are sold with card mounts, but not with frames. The mounts are included in the price.


All works in this website that are for sale have a price indicated. This is the retail price which will
be the same regardless of whether the picture is sold directly by the artist or through a gallery.
The prices are not negotiable. N.F.S. stands for not for sale.


This website has a facility for purchasers to buy work using PayPal. It is not necessary for the purchaser to be PayPal registered and payments can be made by this method using ordinary debit or credit cards. PayPal set a limit on their transactions. If you would like to buy a picture priced up to £5,500 you can use the 'buy now' button, which will add the picture to a PayPal shopping cart. If you would like to buy a picture over £5,500 you will have to contact the artist via the 'buy now' button to discuss the purchase, payment method and collection/delivery.

Please note that the artist no longer accepts commissions, and apologises if this is a disappointment.



Please note this website is best viewed on a 20 inch monitor or above.



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